Malice Fae (fiendy) wrote,
Malice Fae

What Madness Wrought

Gone into the darkness,
Another time, another place,
Gone away for good now,
Remembering her face;

And how she sat alone,
And how she let it take her down,
And the way the weather stirred,
Ribbons strewn across the ground,

I was the one left standing there,
When the ending came to stay,
When there was no more promise,
When the night chased down the day,

And how the madness bubbled over,
How the laughter skewed her lips,
And how the chatter of the teeth,
Warned away a final kiss,

And then she turned and told me,
In her voice, so like a child;

"Tell then all that I've died;
...And tell the rest to stay alive."
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