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12:01am 17/12/2011
  It's not that I intentionally ignore you..

It's that I just simply forget to think about you, at all.

(Give me danger!)

Writer's Block: Going for the throat   
01:07pm 26/06/2011
Would you rather be a vampire or a vampire hunter, and why?

Vampire. I'm already unable to be out in the sunlight, and if I had all the time in the world? I could do some remarkable things.

(Give me danger!)

01:12pm 14/09/2010
  I had one, today. I realized that in my 5 years of Steampunk, I lost my way. And as I sat here, today, pouring over conversations and videos and images I realized it. And I know how to make it mine, again. Steampunk had been something very personal, to me. I will embrace it again.

For me.

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07:32pm 17/08/2010
  So what do you do when your first real look at someone is them sitting on the concrete, waiting, and playing this on guitar? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO_15bcZTq8

It was one of those moments. The moments you know where, doesn't matter what happens after that, that point in time is etched into your mind. What do you do?

You see what happens.

This is going to be some kinda adventure.

(Give me danger!)

What Madness Wrought   
10:55pm 31/07/2010
  Gone into the darkness,
Another time, another place,
Gone away for good now,
Remembering her face;

And how she sat alone,
And how she let it take her down,
And the way the weather stirred,
Ribbons strewn across the ground,

I was the one left standing there,
When the ending came to stay,
When there was no more promise,
When the night chased down the day,

And how the madness bubbled over,
How the laughter skewed her lips,
And how the chatter of the teeth,
Warned away a final kiss,

And then she turned and told me,
In her voice, so like a child;

"Tell then all that I've died;
...And tell the rest to stay alive."

(Give me danger!)

08:16pm 24/04/2010
  Most incredibly bizarre day, emotionally. Right now, I have never felt more alone, lost, and completely not inside my head.

And really, I only have myself to blame.

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Even after all this time...   
10:43pm 30/01/2010
  I'm still angry.  

(Give me danger!)

This is one reason why I'm a dork...   
12:57am 22/01/2010
  Bwahaha.. I'm so proud.

Read more...Collapse )

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02:22am 17/01/2010
  The sky has fallen they have told me, but them I just did not believe...
The skies alight with fire they had told me, but them I just did not believe.
It’s better to take up positions; it’s better just to run away.
It’s better just to hide in fear, but that I just did not believe.
It’s better to blend in with crowds, so shrapnel cannot penetrate your flesh.
It’s better to descend to shelters, for world is shattering in half.
The sky is falling,
The sky is falling.

And I stood there, looking up...

I did not write this, but I enjoy the imagery

(Give me danger!)

09:47pm 10/12/2009
  So.... wouldn't this be awesome to host at a convention?


(Give me danger!)

03:40am 28/11/2009
  While re-reading.. I felt there were some, old, old points of "wisdom" I would like to share again with the class.. with a couple new ones thrown in, for good measure.

-"Home, home on the range" can easily be misinterpreted to be "Homo on the range"... which then makes it even funnier.

-No, Michael Jackson, Annie is not a wookiee. (Annie are you okay sounds much like 'are you a wookiee')

-Chewy *is* a wookiee

-The following is an appropriate answer when someone says "Any thoughts on dinner?"- "We should have it."

-Pixiegoths are neither pixies, nor goths (though they wish they were the latter)

-You have the rest of your life to act your age. Procrastinate.

-There is always a reason why a perfectly good shirt is in the back of the closet, and not where you can reach it.

-Pink is not the new black. Naked is the new black.

-You will always end up in a box. Whether it's you, or someone else, who puts you there.

-I lick you, I like you to like me to lick you

-Speak up- at least one other person was thinking it, anyway.

-When encountering Zombies, remember: Destroy the brain.

-You only have to run faster than the person behind you.

-When lost, you will eventually find your way. It may not be the way you expected, but a path will be revealed.

-Take time for the enjoyable things in life. What's life, if not to be lived? Without that which is enjoyable, we are merely existing.

And on that note...

Laugh. Studies show that stress and depression can cause chemicals that will weaken your immune system. Things that can boost your immune system include enjoying the small things in life, exercise, showing affection in public and private, and sex without guilt. Take time for some of these, and take care of yourself.

(Give me danger!)

La la la..   
02:19am 27/11/2009

(Give me danger!)

Oh, squee!   
05:21pm 23/11/2009
  Even Vampirates like Tru Blood!


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It's true!   
01:50am 28/10/2009
  Horoscope, 10/28:
Treat a new romance as a valuable investment. Read the prospectus, ask for advice and listen to your instincts. Decisions of the heart are just as risky as financial commitments, so weigh the pros and con, assess the risks and go from there.

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01:40am 22/09/2009
mood: bouncy
I should be asleep.. but I am having the most awesome conversation with someone.

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I know, I know...   
12:22am 22/09/2009

(Give me danger!)

Goth Single Ladies   
08:35pm 17/09/2009
  Bahaha.. XD


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Reasons I'm glad I'm single- Number One   
07:24pm 13/09/2009
mood: annoyed
So really pissed right now. He broke one of my small glasses, and lost one of my forks, while I was at DragonCon. And NEVER told me. THEN he took one of MY Guinness glasses, with him.

Seriously pissed. It's little shit like this that kinda makes me go "Jenna, you were an idiot and you let things happen."


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Packing left to do..   
11:22pm 02/09/2009
  Gotta pack, still, for DragonCon... too exhausted. This week has not worked out in my favor, time wise. Please kill me.  

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11:36pm 28/08/2009

Well, my harlequin diamond print dress I got specifically so I could wear it to DragonCon... doesn't fit now.

So... looks like I'll be returning it. Won't have a replacement in time for con =/

Le bummer...

(Give me danger!)