Malice Fae (fiendy) wrote,
Malice Fae


While re-reading.. I felt there were some, old, old points of "wisdom" I would like to share again with the class.. with a couple new ones thrown in, for good measure.

-"Home, home on the range" can easily be misinterpreted to be "Homo on the range"... which then makes it even funnier.

-No, Michael Jackson, Annie is not a wookiee. (Annie are you okay sounds much like 'are you a wookiee')

-Chewy *is* a wookiee

-The following is an appropriate answer when someone says "Any thoughts on dinner?"- "We should have it."

-Pixiegoths are neither pixies, nor goths (though they wish they were the latter)

-You have the rest of your life to act your age. Procrastinate.

-There is always a reason why a perfectly good shirt is in the back of the closet, and not where you can reach it.

-Pink is not the new black. Naked is the new black.

-You will always end up in a box. Whether it's you, or someone else, who puts you there.

-I lick you, I like you to like me to lick you

-Speak up- at least one other person was thinking it, anyway.

-When encountering Zombies, remember: Destroy the brain.

-You only have to run faster than the person behind you.

-When lost, you will eventually find your way. It may not be the way you expected, but a path will be revealed.

-Take time for the enjoyable things in life. What's life, if not to be lived? Without that which is enjoyable, we are merely existing.

And on that note...

Laugh. Studies show that stress and depression can cause chemicals that will weaken your immune system. Things that can boost your immune system include enjoying the small things in life, exercise, showing affection in public and private, and sex without guilt. Take time for some of these, and take care of yourself.
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